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Global partner to the leather industry

LANXESS is one of the leading manufacturers of leather chemicals worldwide. We have been supplying our customers in the leather industry with top-quality products for over 100 years, thereby enabling them to compete successfully on the international market. Whether you are involved in research and development, production or service, you can always rely on LANXESS leather chemicals,

Products and services

  • Tanning auxiliaries: Baymol®*, Cismollan®, Preventol®, Baykanol®*
  • Mineral tanning and retanning products: Baychrom®*, Blancorol®*, Chromosal®
  • Synthetic/organic tanning and retanning products: Tanigan®, Retingan®, Leukotan™**, Levotan®, Lubritan™**
  • Fatliquoring Agents: Baykanol®
  • Colorants: Baygenal®*, Levaderm®, Aquaderm®, Bayderm®*
  • PU dispersions: Bayderm®*, Aquaderm®
  • Finishing auxiliaries: Aquaderm®, Euderm®, Eukanol®, Baysin®*, Rosilk™, Primal™**, Acrysol™**
  • Solvent-containing top coats: Isoderm®
  • Special processes: Baygen®*, Levacast®, Aquacast®
Sustainable Leather Management by LANXESS

As a leading specialty chemicals company we provide leather manufacturers with an extensive portfolio of products for all kinds of fashionable and classic upper leathers. With our Sustainable Leather Management initiative, we pursue our responsibility far beyond supplying high quality products.

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