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INCOTEC - digital solutions for the future of our customer

With our cross-technological competence in both HARDWARE Engineering as well as SOFTWARE Engineering, INCOTEC can call itself a digital pioneer with over 30 years of experience.

The family owned company brings intelligence into processes and products for different industries - focussing on automation, testing systems and solutions for Industry 4.0 / Internet of Things.

Since the beginning, the leather industry was one of the main areas to work with. Our product portfolio TANWARE provides stand-alone or fully integrated systems for wet process automation, hide measuring of area and thickness, as well as hide classification and sorting.

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Products and services

TanWare DRUM
Advanced Drum Control

TanWare DRUM / B
Basic Drum Control

TanWare DRUM / L
Laboratory Drum Control

TanWare TANK
Convenient Preptank Operation

TanWare CHEM / G
Gravimetric Chemical Dosing

TanWare CHEM / V
Volumetric Chemical Dosing

TanWare CHEM / E
Economic Chemical Dosing

TanWare AQUA
Precise Water Mixing

Wireless Parameter Transfer

TanWare PH
pH Supervision and Recording

Supervised Chemical Weighing

Mastering Data and Planning

The Tannery Bodyguard

Visualizing the Tannery

TanWare BLUE
Hide Measurements and Classification

TanWare BLUE - Central Control Terminal

Solution for automatic in-line measurement of area and thickness as well as marking, selection and stacking. The system allows entry of manually given data. Advanced data processing software with single data recording and evaluation of each hide. Clear and consise reports on screen or print outs. Data connectivity to ERP systems. RFID functionality.
The 15" operating touch panel with full HD resolution, projected capacitive touch for gloves-friendly use and real glass for harsh environments.

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TanWare BLUE - Thickness Measurement

Measurement of hide thickness with flexibility in wheel mounting, bridge position, number of wheels etc.
Measuring wheels and counter wheels precisely manufactured out of stainless steel.
High measurement precision of 0,1mm with an internal resolution of 0,01mm provided by a robust digitizer.

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TanWare BLUE - Area Measurement

Measurement of hide area in terms of square measure and outlines. The line scan camera is protected in a tightly sealed housing and placed far away from moisture and vibrations above the machinery.
High speed options up to 25m/min available.
High measuring precision of 2mm with a camera resolution up to 1mm.

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