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About us

HELLER-LEDER, GOLD status awarded manufacturer of the Leather Working Group, combines a modern production facility, environmental responsibility and high social standards to produce the most beautiful German leather. The product range includes high quality upholstery leather, automotive leather and aniline leather for leather goods as well.

Products and services

  • high quality upholstery leather
  • aniline leather for leather goods
  • automotive leather
  • wetblue / wetwhite
  • contract tanning
GOLD STATUS of the Leather Working Group (LWG)

As first European tannery, HELLER-LEDER was awarded with the GOLD status of the internationally known Leather Working Group in 2010. Special attention is paid to an environmentally friendly production, sustainability, the handling of resources and ongoing improvements and innovations.

Award Tannery of the Year

In 2011, HELLER-LEDER won the Tannery of the Year award, given at the ACLE in Shanghai the same year. It judges the paramenters: technical innovation, environmental responsibility, employee and community committments, customer retention and economic sustainability.

Eco-label THE BLUE ANGEL (Germany)

In June 2010, HELLER-LEDER got certified in accordance to Germany's BLAUER ENGEL standard. It defines the positive aspects of a BLAUER ENGEL product for the environment and the public health and is a well known standard for the European end consumer. In Nov. 2013, HELLER-LEDER won the German Sustainability Award in the category "BLAUER ENGEL" for the ongoing voluntary application and improvement of this standard.

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Contact person

Anke Liebenthal
International Sales Manager
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News & Innovations

HELLER-LEDER – a competence in chrome free tanning

Besides the outstanding development of the BLATTWERK olive leaf tannage, HELLER-LEDER shows a high competence in chrome free tanning. The excellent combination of vegetable and synthetic tanning agents allows to increase the light fastness and eliminates the problems of pure vegetable tannage. A broad range of brand new products - pure anilines as well as semi anilines - will be presented in our chrome free leather line.

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