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SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT | surface solutions

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About us

SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT | surface solutions

For decades, we have been producing high quality embossing designs and tools for decorative films as well as leather and artificial leather surfaces, supplying customers from the furniture, sports and automotive industries as well as well-known manufacturers of the international fashion market. When developing our products, we therefore attach particular importance to meeting the high-quality standards of the industries. We are familiar with the complex processes of our demanding customers and support them with professional services and flexibility.

We produce embossing, printing and coating rollers as well as embossing plates for all common machinery. Nowadays, SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT | surface solutions disposes of more than 45.000 different embossing designs, ranging from fine hair cells to large geometrics and more than 50.000 different printing designs, ranging from special clouds to wood effects.

Products and services

SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT | surface solutions

  • Embossing rollers
  • Printing rollers
  • Screen rollers
  • High mirror rollers
  • Embossing plates
  • High mirror plates
  • Design service (more than 45.000 embossing designs & 50.000 printing designs for different applications
  • Design development


SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT | surface solutions
Karstr. 90
41068 Mönchengladbach

Phone: +49 2161 359-0

Robert, Bruno
Head of Sales Leather and Glass Industry
Phone: +49 171 2701227

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